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Stair Lift Service & Maintenance

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A residential stair lift ensures access to a person’s entire home regardless of their disabilities. For anyone who is disabled, injured, elderly or with limited mobility, stair chairs keep people independent and in their own homes. Mobility123’s stair lift service and repair ensures that one’s home remains accessible. Our stair lift service and repair is a vital component of ownership for those who rely on the access the lift provides. For this reason, Mobility123 makes stair lift service and repair an important and prioritized part of our services.

Mobility123 is dedicated to offering the most thorough and convenient stair lift repair. We know that the benefits of a stair chair service are numerous. We understand that everyone from the temporarily injured to the permanently  disabled rely on lifts each and every day. For these reasons, we make quality and expedient stair lift repair services a high priority.

Planned Stair Lift Maintenance

Planned maintenance and inspection is critical to the longevity, safety and long term operation of a stairlift. During stair chair planned maintenance, the unit is inspected, adjusted and lubricated according to factory specifications to increase the overall life of the stair lift. If parts become worn or the function of the unit becomes unsafe, this will be identified during the visit so you will have the opportunity to avoid more expensive future repairs that could hinder your ability to operate the stair lift. By conducting scheduled planned maintenance, many of the most common repair issues can be avoided.

General Stair Lift Service & Repair

Non-emergency repairs for your stair lift can be scheduled with us during the week at a time that is convenient for you. Our factory trained technicians are able to work on several stair lift brands. They will identify the issues, discuss the solutions with you and consult with you on the best option for your budget.

Emergency Stair Lift Service & Repair

Though we do our best to keep your stair lift in optimal condition through our planned maintenance programs, emergencies do arise.  Emergency services can be accessed by simply calling our offices 24 hours a day. If you call after our normal hours of operation, you have a option to leave a message marked as urgent. Once we receive your service call/message, we will dispatch a trained, knowledgeable technician to your home. Each technician travels with an optimized inventory of parts in their fleet vehicle so they can handle the most common repair issues in one stop. Our emergency stair lift service is offered 7-days per week.

Scalamobil is compact and lightweight making it ideal to transport and store.

Scalamobil weighs just 54 pounds and can carry a maximum load of 265 pounds up 300 steps on one battery charge.

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