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Elevate Your Life Without Moving Away From Home

A cost effective solution to an expensive stairlift.

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Safe and Affordable Stiltz Home Elevator Lifts

Moving out of your home is probably your last choice if you’re dealing with mobility issues. Fortunately, there’s a way you can stay safe and independent without having to move out. It’s called the Stiltz Home Elevator Lift, the most versatile, stylish, and cost-effective solution available on the market, which we can install at Mobility123. Whether you live in Cherry Hill, NJ, another area in South Jersey, or Philadelphia, PA, you and your loved ones can count on our team of mobility experts.

The Stiltz Home Lift is a through-floor elevator that’s specially designed to fit into your existing home. Already popular in Europe, it’s the first lift of its kind available in the United States. Developed to make your life easier, the Stiltz Lift enables you to remain in the home you love. Compared with the cost and inconvenience of moving to a different home, a Stiltz Home Lift may be the most cost-effective option.

Stiltz Duo Alta and Stiltz Trio Alta

The Stiltz Duo Alta Home Lift carries one or two people comfortably, and the Stiltz Trio Alta will carry up to three people. You can also fit a standard wheelchair or power-chair into the Trio. Both lifts are very quiet, smooth running and simple to operate.

Stiltz Lift Installation

The Stiltz Lift does not need a supporting wall and has a relatively small footprint when compared to other lifts/elevators. It can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Installation, including the simple modifications to the ceiling and floor, can be done in as little as two days. This means minimal disruption and mess in your home. It uses very little power and can run off a regular wall socket.

A Lift That’s Surprisingly Affordable

Without the need to build a shaft, and because of the quick installation, the Stiltz Home Lift is also surprisingly affordable. In most cases, it will be significantly cheaper than a standard residential elevator, and in some cases, not much more than a custom curved rail stair lift.

If you think that you don’t have the room or budget for an elevator, think again. The Stiltz Lift is designed to be the right fit for your home and budget.

Benefits of the Stiltz Home Elevator Lift

Other than being safe and cost-effective, these lifts have plenty of other benefits, including:

You can place it almost anywhere.

These lifts take up very little room, and their unique rail design means that they won’t need a supporting wall. You can choose to put it in a closet, tuck it in a corner, place it in stairwell void, or send it up to a landing or mezzanine.

They’re quiet.

Stiltz Home Elevators Lifts have a unique drive system that’s considered quieter than many stairlifts because there are no noisy external hydraulics or vacuum systems required.

They can help you move things from floor to floor.

Using simple remote controls, you can use your Stiltz Home Elevator Lift to move items such as vacuum cleaners, laundry, boxes, suitcases, and anything else you need to move from one floor to another.

If you’re looking for installers of a Stiltz Home Elevator Lift, whether you’re in Cherry Hill, NJ, South Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, or another local area, contact Mobility123 today.

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