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5 Benefits of Getting a Stair Lift Installed

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Looking up at the 12 obstacles in your way, you are disheartened and know that it will take much of your time and effort. Stairs can present a frustrating challenge and impede you from accomplishing your daily routine.

Thankfully, there is an affordable solution: stair lifts. Many people have discovered the innumerable benefits of having Mobility123 install stair lifts in their Philadelphia and New Jersey homes. Now it’s time for you to find out how a stair lift can help you.


The most obvious benefit of getting a stair lift installed is the freedom and independence that you regain. No longer do you have to put off going upstairs; you can now sit down on the stairlift and arrive at the next floor in no time. This freedom can help eliminate falls and allow you to save your energy for your everyday schedule.

Variety of Options

Choosing Mobility123 for this helpful next step results in a variety of options. We install and service stair lifts from reputable manufactures such as Bruno, Harmar and Acorn. Whether you desire a stair lift that is straight, custom curved, intended for outdoor use or has a folding rail, we have you covered. Our customers have raved about their Bruno Elite and Acorn 120 stair lifts.

Quick Installation

Not only do we provide you with many options, but we also waste no time installing your stair lift. Unlike other companies, we install stair lifts in just one day opposed to a week. We value your time and want you to regain your freedom as quickly as possible.

Modern Features

Our stairlifts in Philadelphia are equipped with many modern features. Padded seating allows you to ride up and down the stairs in comfort, while a backup battery ensures that you don’t get stuck during the middle of your ride when the power goes out. Our stair lifts are also quiet, reliable and easily operated by a hand control.

Reliable Service

The final benefit is that you will get reliable and professional service when choosing Mobility 123. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified, giving you the highest quality of maintenance available. We stock most parts to ensure your stair lift is up and running in no time.

To learn more about our quality stair lifts and service, we encourage you to call us at 856-528- 9366 or visit online at

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