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StairSteady Support Handle, Mobility123

A cost effective solution to an expensive stairlift.


Many people have difficulty using the stairs but do not have the space or the money for a stairlift. Others only need assistance and the exercise would keep them healthy and active. They just need that little more support and help.

The StairSteady is a high quality handrail with a supporting rail coming off it that slides when pushed but locks when weight is applied. It acts as a support aid when both ascending and descending the stairs.

Your StairSteady will consist of a rail that will be attached to the wall of your stairs and a folding handle. The rail will usually run along the external wall of your flight of stairs. The handle is attached to the rail and this is moving part that will provide you with the support you require. The handle locks in place whenever you put any pressure on it, thus allowing you to have a rest at any point on your stairs safely. It also provides you with a sturdy and secure handle to hold on to as you walk up or down the stairs at your own pace.

The StairSteady really is just like a walking frame for your stairs but with the added bonus of folding away when not in use. You will be able to maintain your independence and freedom without compromising on appearance.

We at StairSteady believe that just because you require additional support does not mean you should be forced to have bulky and unattractive adaptations. The StairSteady blends in with your home and is unobtrusive. It fits in well with most home decors.


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