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Affordable Stiltz home elevators

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Losing your mobility can be challenging, it can be disheartening and it can make you feel like your life has changed dramatically for the worst. That being said, there are now more home mobility aids than ever before that can help you take back your mobility and take back your freedom so that you can move about freely, get your life back in order, and get yourself moving again.

What are Benefits of Stiltz Home Elevator Lifts?

You might thing a personal elevator in your home is going to be too expensive, too difficult to have installed, or simply, out of the question. That is not the case however. With a company like Stiltz you can get a home elevator installed in your home quickly, easily, and for the fraction of the price that a home contractor would charge for the same service.

So, what is a home elevator you might ask? A home elevator is a compact version of the elevators that we see in large buildings and such. This compact elevator is designed to fit into the smaller space that is afforded in your home and to do so without having to majorly alter the structure and integrity of your home. Many of these elevators are free standing and can be installed in as little as a day to help you get back moving quicker. When thinking of the advantages of Stiltz home elevator lifts, the ease of installation is certainly something to consider.

The process can be completed in as little as a day with technicians coming to your home and choosing the right elevator for your needs then finding the best place for installation. These lifts are not permanent, this means that if you move, if you decide that you no longer need your lift, or if you simply do not want to use it anymore, it can be removed without causing major damage to your home and major damage to the structure of your home. This is another of the advantages of Stiltz home elevator lifts.

These lifts are constructed within the home, meaning that they are going to be built to the custom dimensions and needs of your home rather than the company making the lift and hoping that it fits into the home. Lifts are a great way to get from one place to another and are especially helpful if you are in a wheel chair and cannot use traditional stair lifts and other mobility devices that require you to get out of your chair to use them.

There are so many advantages of Stiltz home Elevator lifts that make them easy, simple and fast and that help you to get your mobility back even if you have been without it for years. This type of mobility device is so useful, it can help you get up and down stairs, it can help you to get use out of all the levels of your home, and it can help you to have the freedom that you have lost by allowing you the ability to get to the top floors of your home without the assistance of another person.

Do You Need a Lift?

If you are struggling to get to the second floor of your home, if you are wheel chair or mobility device bound and simply cannot use the stairs, if you are struggling and just need a bit of help to get from floor to floor, this is a great device that does make it possible to get from one place to the other without having to worry about moving to a new home, moving to a place where mobility is easier, or giving up any of your freedom.

The techs will come in and help you get your lift set up, they will tell you just how to use it, and they will help you to figure out how to get the most use out of your lift so that you can go where you want, so that you can retake your mobility and so that you can be free to move around your home. These lifts are designed to be tailored to your needs and your space, this is a game changer and can help you to get back the freedom that you have lost and help you take control of your life and of your home so that you can do more things on your own and so that you can regain some of your freedom.

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