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Benefits of Stiltz Elevator for the Office

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Have you ever wondered if your office space could benefit from having an elevator? If you have lots of stairs that are difficult to manage, you might want to consider investing in an elevator for your office space. This is particularly important if you have employees or regular visitors to your office that are losing their physical strength and mobility and can’t seem to manage the stairs regularly. You can invest in the continued health and safety of your entire team by installing a useful, affordable elevator in your office, such as a Stiltz elevator. Here is a helpful guide to buy a Stiltz elevator for the office space you work in or manage.

You’ll love the benefits of having a Stiltz elevator for the office space you regularly use. Stilz elevators are much more affordable than other escalator or elevator options. This helps you to enable your employees and fellow workers to perform their regular responsibilities with greater ease of mobility without having to pay an exorbitant price. If you’ve avoided installing a lift because you’ve been afraid it wouldn’t fit into your budget, you’ll love the affordability of the Stiltz elevator.

Another reason why many office space managers don’t want to install a lift or an elevator is because of the space that it would require. You also might worry that you’d have to undergo major construction to install an elevator shaft or make your stairs work with a chair lift. The Stiltz elevator solves these two major problems and concerns for you. This type of elevator is designed to be quick and easy to install, and doesn’t require the construction of an elevator shaft. It takes up very little space and doesn’t even require a wall to be nearby for support purposes. It could be placed in a central location, a storage closet, a stairwell, or any other spot in your office. The installation process usually only takes a few days, including some straightforward modifications to the floor and ceiling in the area where the elevator will be installed. The disruption caused by the installation will be quick and minimal, which will allow you to continue with your work services and responsibilities as needed. 

You might also be concerned that the installation of an elevator would cause your office’s energy bill to skyrocket. In this case, the Stiltz elevator would be a great option for you, as it can be plugged into a regular wall socket and doesn’t require much electricity to run. Even after you’ve paid for the installment and cost of the elevator, it will continue to be an affordable option for your company and office space. There is no better choice when you’re looking for a cost-effective elevator that allows your team to function as needed.

If you’re worried that having a Stiltz elevator would disrupt your day-to-day work responsibilities, rest assured that it will be a most useful addition to your office space. The Stiltz elevator is incredibly quiet as it functions without any vacuum or hydraulics systems. The noise that it generates won’t disrupt your office functions in the slightest. The Stiltz elevator can also have multiple purposes, other than helping to transport the people working in your office. You could also use the Stiltz elevator to transport heavy materials and machinery from one floor to another. For example, it could transport shipping packages, printer machines, spare furniture, bulk office supplies, and more. This will help keep your employees from getting injured, as they don’t have to transport heavy and dangerous loads by carrying them up and down the stairs. After all, an employee who is injured in your workspace and office could end up being a liability to your company. A Stiltz elevator can help you to avoid those risks.

So, if you’re trying to provide your team with more mobility options that allow them to continue to work as needed, remember that a Stiltz elevator is safe, affordable, and useful. Almost everyone has issues with their balance and physical strength as they age. When this becomes a reality, the difficult prospect of taking the stairs might usually cause your employees or partners to retire early or limit themselves in their work responsibilities. They might be afraid of falling on the stairs and badly injuring themselves. You can eliminate these difficulties and worries by quickly and affordably installing a Stiltz elevator for the office, allowing your team to work together successfully in the future.

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