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Commercial Modular Ramps

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Technological advancements enable quality and innovative productions that enhance accessibility and comfort for persons with disabilities, seniors, and caregivers. Commercial Modular Ramps allow you to make your commercial premises accessible to make navigation more comfortable for employees and business clients. These premium products have various features that merge to deliver quality and trusted performance with little to no maintenance.

Aside from the commercial types, you can also find loading and portable loading ramps to provide access and mobility solutions around your building. 

Key Features

Here are some primary features you can find in portable loading ramps, loading ramps, and commercial modular ramps:

1.       Commercial Modular Ramps

Commercial Modular Ramps feature quality construction using high-strength EZ-Access TITAN aluminum. This commercial-grade material offers reliable sturdiness that comfortably supports high-traffic utility and meets guidelines for OSHA, IBC, ADA, and local codes. You can also easily configure its modular design to fit most applications, meeting different users’ needs and precise settings.

In addition, this ramp has a powder coating to deliver durability with resistance to all weather conditions, allowing you to maintain a quality and stable structure at all times. The permanent anti-slip surface enables you to enjoy lasting traction for a confident movement on the ramp. You can also steadily walk on the structure using sturdy handrails for convenient support.   

2.       Portable Loading Ramps

Mobility123 provides various portable loading ramps to address different needs. You can find foldable models that enhance your convenience during transportation. Besides, you can get some types constructed with a solid one-piece design with handrails, making it more comfortable to set up.

Our portable options also feature different styles to help you move over a slight bump or access higher structures. The lightweight design facilitates stress-free carriage as you move around, making it convenient for a disabled user and his or her caregiver.

3.       Loading Ramps

The loading ramps integrate a flush bottom plate into their design that facilitates a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp. You can quickly enhance your comfort when walking or using a wheelchair since these ramps have an ergonomic construction to enable efficient and secure installation. The multi-weld fabrication process utilized to make the aluminum ramps lets you minimize every ramp’s surface deflection.

The high-quality surface with traction design allows you to move along the ramp easily without concerns about slips and falls.

Additionally, the aluminum incorporated in its structure delivers rust-free performance, enabling you to maintain a quality appearance and performance for a long time. Our ramps are an ideal solution for your handicap accessibility needs with a lifetime warranty and free maintenance guarantee.  

Elements to Consider Before Purchasing a Ramp

Before purchasing a ramp for your premises, you need to look at some factors that can help you determine the most suitable option for your needs. They are:


You want to buy a ramp designed with long-lasting aluminum since they deliver sturdiness and rust-free utility.

·Available Space

Look around the space you intend to install the ramp and consider the different points you have to navigate, including a threshold or steps.

·Ease of Installation

Many aluminum ramps enable complete installation in a single day, increasing their suitability for commercial buildings and uses. This efficient setup allows you to make a convenient addition to your premises without compromising your daily business operations.

·Length of the Ramp

You need to assess your premises and accurately determine the length of the ramp needed to meet your needs. Purchasing a ramp that is not long enough creates a steep slope that makes it dangerous and not navigable.

·Weight Capacity of the Ramp

Different ramps come with various weight capacities. As such, it is essential to get a style that can accommodate your commercial requirements. You need to consider the weight of the heaviest scooter, wheelchair, or wheeled mobility device that you will utilize on the ramp and add it to the weight of the disabled user. Afterward, search for a product that offers a greater weight capacity to ensure you can support everyone.

·Width of the Ramp

You also want to look at the ramp’s width to make sure it can accommodate different wheelchairs’ widths. It is generally advisable to get a ramp that allows a few extra inches of space on each side.

Looking at the features and buyer’s guide given above, you can better understand the benefits that commercial modular ramps, loading, and portable loading ramps offer. This knowledge can conveniently help you maneuver the market easily and find a quality ramp suitable for your premises. Visit us at Mobility123 for more information and get the ideal mobility solution for your requirements.

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