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Wheelchair Ramp Systems | Aluminum – Steel – Wood

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Systems

Custom wheelchair ramp installed outside of a home in New Jersey

Steel Wheelchair Ramp Systems

Modular Steel Ramps NJ

Wood Wheelchair Ramp Systems


Durable Modular Wheelchair Ramps in NJ & PA

Are you searching for a safe, affordable handicap accessibility solution for your NJ or PA home or business? Whether you’re in Cherry Hill, New Jersey or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mobility123 is your trusted source for custom modular wheelchair ramps. Each Mobility123 modular ramp features a flush bottom-plate designed for a smooth ground-to-ramp transition whether you’re walking or in a wheelchair. Our ramps are installed quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, securely.

Custom Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems in NJ & PA

Not only are all of Mobility123’s custom modular wheelchair ramps designed for enhanced accessibility, but they’re crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any Philadelphia or South New Jersey property. Through offering an array of quality ramp systems, our experts are able to ensure our customers’ mobility needs are met and their expectations are exceeded!

Aluminum Modular Ramp Systems

When you’re looking for maximum traction and enhanced accessibility, consider our innovative open mesh Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps. Carefully designed to prevent the puddling of rain or melting snow, our aluminum ramps are constructed through a multi-weld fabrication process to ensure less deflection of each ramp’s surface. Mobility123’s custom aluminum modular ramps for wheelchairs come with a lifetime warranty and our Maintenance Free Guarantee.

  • No Rusting
  • No Rotting
  • No Splinters

Steel Modular Ramp Systems

Reduce the risk of a slip and fall on your South Jersey or Pennsylvania property with Mobility123’s sturdily constructed Steel Wheelchair Ramps today! Sporting a textured, powder-coated finish for enhanced slip resistance, our ADA compliant series of steel modular ramps are designed for nearly any configuration or handicap accessibility application. Each of our custom steel modular wheelchair ramps come with a 3-year warranty and can easily be installed in just a few hours!

  • Unique welded cone- mounted rigid handrail design
  • Tuxedo Black color to compliment the exterior of any property
  • 800 lb. weight capacity

Wooden Modular Ramp Systems

Our quality selections of all-natural Wood Wheelchair Ramps are the quickest and most affordable solution that can be installed in just one day! Mobility123’s kiln-dried, premium pressure treated southern yellow pine ramps feature a unique leg design which helps maximize the structural integrity of your ramp and can be painted or stained to compliment your deck or porch seamlessly. The thoughtful spacing of the wood deck allows for natural expansion and drainage, and each ramp is pressure treated to prevent your ramp’s wood from rotting!

  • Vertical pickets and steps available for all wooden ramp systems!

Mobility123: Independence. Delivered. Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

When you turn to Mobility123 for custom modular wheelchair ramps in Cherry Hill, NJ your satisfaction is not only 100% guaranteed, but you’ll be partnering with an NAHB Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist with the knowledge and know-how to ensure your property is safer and more handicap accessible than ever before.

As the industry’s most trusted modular ramp professionals, Mobility123 wants to ensure that your property’s accessibility needs are securely met. To find out which ramp is most ideal for your application, give us a call today to schedule a FREE, comprehensive in-home consultation in NJ & PA!

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