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a home that was retrofit to include a home elevator

Enhancing Accessibility: The Advantages of Retrofitting Your Home with an Elevator

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Unlocking Mobility and Freedom in Your Home

Retrofitting your home with an elevator from Mobility123 is more than an upgrade; it’s a life-changer. Especially for those with limited mobility, a home elevator eliminates the challenges posed by stairs, significantly enhancing the quality of life. Not only does this addition foster independence within your home, but it also carves out a path for aging in place comfortably and safely.

  • Empowering Independence: Eliminates the need to navigate stairs, enabling easy movement throughout the home.
  • Aging in Comfort: Allows seniors to comfortably age in place, maintaining their lifestyle in their own home.

A Smart Investment: Boosting Home Value and Saving Space

Installing a home elevator is an investment in your property’s future. It not only increases your home’s market value but also serves as a savvy space-saving solution. Unlike bulky staircases, our compact elevator designs from leading brands like Stiltz and Savaria, ensure a minimal footprint while maximizing functionality.

  • Enhanced Home Value: Adds significant value and appeal to your property.
  • Space Efficiency: Compact designs require less space than staircases, providing more usable space in your home.

Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Home Elevator

Selecting the perfect spot for your home elevator is crucial. Whether it’s seamlessly integrating it into your living space or placing it in your garage for easy access to groceries and other items, Mobility123’s experts guide you through every step. Our strategic placement ensures your new elevator complements your home’s layout without compromising living space.

  • Strategic Placement: Expert guidance to find the best location in your home for convenience and accessibility.
  • Versatile Options: Suitable for various home areas, including the garage for direct access from your vehicle.

Ensuring Your Safety: How Our Elevators Meet Top Industry Standards

At Mobility123, safety is paramount. Our home elevators adhere to stringent ASME 17.1 safety standards, featuring emergency brakes, interlocks, and fire-rated materials. This dedication to safety ensures your peace of mind, knowing that your elevator operates securely and efficiently.

  • Adherence to Safety Standards: Complies with ASME 17.1 safety regulations.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with emergency brakes, interlocks, and fire-rated materials for maximum safety.

Understanding Maintenance and Service Needs

After retrofitting your home with an elevator, maintenance is essential for its longevity and safe operation. With Mobility123, you’ll receive comprehensive maintenance programs that include routine inspections, lubrication of moving parts, and timely component replacements, all tailored to your specific elevator model. This proactive approach helps mitigate future repair costs and ensures your elevator remains in peak condition.

  • Routine Maintenance: Regular inspections and lubrication for optimal performance.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Timely component replacements to extend the elevator’s life and ensure safety.

Why Choose Mobility123 for Your Home Elevator Installation

Entrusting Mobility123 with your home elevator installation means choosing a partner committed to excellence. Our in-depth knowledge of space requirements, electrical configurations, and permit acquisition, combined with our on-staff licensed elevator mechanics, sets us apart in New Jersey. From initial consultation to final installation, our team is dedicated to delivering a solution that meets your unique architectural needs and personal preferences.

  • Expert Installation: Knowledgeable in space requirements, electrical work, and permit acquisition.
  • Licensed Professionals: On-staff licensed elevator mechanics to ensure quality and compliance.

Enhancing Your New Jersey Home with Mobility123

Our local presence in New Jersey, coupled with our extensive experience in various neighborhoods and communities, ensures that we provide personalized and efficient service. Whether you’re in Sussex, Cape May, or anywhere in between, Mobility123 is your trusted local provider for home elevator solutions.

Ready to begin retrofitting your home with improved accessibility? Contact Mobility123 today for a free consultation or download our comprehensive guide on choosing the right home elevator. Our team is eager to assist you in navigating the journey towards a more accessible and comfortable living space.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation | Download Our Home Elevator Guide

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