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Outdoor stairlift maintenance tips

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Like all machines, stairlifts can suffer sudden failures that prevent their proper functioning. Although this is not very common, it is a possibility that must be evaluated and addressed as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to know the tips to help maintain your stairlift so it does not breakdown. In some cases, a minimal failure could be the precedent of a much larger problem affecting the device if it is not dealt with in time. Therefore, it is important to know how to respond to signs of a malfunction and leave the repair in expert hands. To resolve the failures, you may need professional assistance to assess the occurrence of mechanical failures of the mobility platforms installed in the home in question.

Advanced Technology

Today’s accessibility systems are manufactured with highly durable components and installed with advanced technology, requiring little maintenance for their operation. However, they are not exempt from suffering breakdowns like any other frequently used mobility device.  The maintenance tips for outdoor stairlifts is not entirely mandatory, but necessary. However, manufacturers have recommended evaluating the condition of the drive at an intermediate frequency. Thus, the preventive maintenance would guarantee their maximum usefulness and the safety of yours. Below are some maintenance tips for outdoor stairlifts, but first we have to address what issues you can encounter and then how to prevent them.

Battery failure

The first issue you can encounter is battery failure. Perhaps this is one of the most common problems. The total discharge of the batteries, both of the chair and the platform, can mean an incorrect positioning of the same in the load structure. Excessive or no use of the chair or platform could trigger a failure in this category after several years of installation. Make sure you periodically check the battery life so that you can get enough use out of it. The disuse of the device can be the cause of any problems.

Failure in Electronic Boards

It is very common for 3 min failures to occur in the brain or control center of the stairlift. Although the electronic system of these lifts is very simple, it may be possible that an error is registered that requires the replacement of one or more plates. This fault is generally related to power surges and electrical system overloads in the home. So, make sure you keep a check on how many devices are plugged into the system and also ensure that your electrical system is up to par to handle this device.

Control Dysfunction

Among the breakdowns of stairlifts is also the failure of the command controls. These cause occasional errors when you want to use the chair or platform stairlift. Luckily, it can be repaired by an expert. You may not be able to prevent those errors, but make sure you contact a technician right away. A technician can solve these problems in the shortest possible time.

Poor Lubrication

Stairlifts are constantly subjected to movements and friction with the elements of the housing infrastructure. Considering this, it is important that your rails and/or attachments are lubricated as one of the essential maintenance tips for outdoor stairlifts. Otherwise, this would seriously affect their function and trigger other long-term failures, mostly affecting curved stairlifts. By being located in external areas such as gardens or outdoor spaces, they also run the risk of losing lubrication over time. Fortunately, it can be fixed with consistent lubrication.

Preventative Measures

It is advisable to opt for a preventive maintenance plan if you notice that your stairlift works differently. Given this, you can carry out a periodic evaluation to determine that everything is fine and minor details that could trigger a long-term breakdown are adjusted. Carrying out preventive maintenance accordingly could prevent breakdowns . According to experts in accessibility technology, executing at least one or two reviews a year would extend the lifespan of your equipment by several years, even decades as long as the instructions for use and care are followed to the letter.

Supervision and Revision

It is advisable to carry out minimum supervision and revision tasks of the components so that no breakdown occurs. Also, it is advisable to read the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the basic operation. Maintaining order and cleanliness in the area in which the stairlift moves can help extend its life. Although the system has safety sensors to detect obstacles, it prevents dust, liquids or material debris from obstructing the route. In addition to the above recommendations, it is also crucial that when choosing the stairlift, you choose a model that suits your needs and lifestyle as well as the environment in which the device installation will be executed.


Stair chair lift care and maintenance is important to having an efficient device. Stairlifts are ideal to adapt to a building or home. They are configured as an accessibility solution within the reach of those with reduced mobility, whether they are elderly or disabled. Its correct use and frequent check-ups have a direct impact on the well-being and safety of these people. A good repair and maintenance service for this equipment will solve any problem in the shortest possible time.

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