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Outdoor Curved Rail Stair Lifts

Treppenlifte Brochure | Treppenlifte Tech Specs

Outdoor curved stair lift

Outdoor curved stair lift

Outdoor curved stair lift

Outdoor curved stair lift

Mobility123 offers the full line of indoor and outdoor curved stair lifts manufactured by Hawle. We are the only dealer in South Jersey offering an outdoor curved rail stair lift to our customers.

Each stair lift can be customized to your exact specifications. Sometimes called chair-lifts, stair-chairs, and elevator chairs, stair lifts are an easy and affordable way for those who have limited mobility to regain their freedom and independence within their surroundings, allowing them to remain in their homes and achieve better mobility outside as well. Our stairlifts can be custom-built to curve around corners and fit any stair-way, indoors or outdoors. Clients have the option of customizing their stair-lift in the configuration that best fits their home design and needs. Mobility123 can supply the perfect Hawle Treppenlifte to suit your needs.

Stair lifts With Saftey In Mind

Both the HW10 Indoor model stairlift and the HW11 outdoor model stairlift come equipped with many safety features, some of which include seatbelts, sensors on the footrest and on the back panels of the unit (which cause it to stop immediately should anything make contact with them), as well as an overspeed governor switch which acts as an emergency brake. These custom curved lifts have been rated the safest stairlifts in Europe for the past several years and are now finally available for North America.

Hawle Lifts

Stair lifts manufactured by Hawle are the worlds most unique and reliable indoor and outdoor personal stairlifts designed even for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°. In designing Hawle stair lifts, no concessions were made as far as convenience and safety are concerned. The innovative construction and quality materials used ensure maximum quality and reliability.

Outdoor Solutions

We are truly unique to the stairlift industry in that we offer the world’s BEST outdoor curved stairlift. The HW11 curved stairlift has a zinc-coated rail which makes it completely weatherproof. Our curved stairlifts can be made to your custom specifications. We are able to have our stairlifts make bends and turns that you cannot make with a straight stairlift.

Indoor Solutions

Our indoor custom curved stairlifts can be made nearly any color. If you would like to have your curved stairlift rail one specified color and your stairlift carriage another, we can do that. Please look over our selection below for your customstairlift colors. Our dealers can also provide color swatches of the many available fabric selections.

Style & Colors

All indoor stairlifts (HW10) have the option of a wide variety of color combinations. You can choose a fabric of one color from our custom selection for the seat and the choose any RAL color (over 200 choices) to be the color of the stairlift. In fact, you can choose an additional color for the rail of the stairlift to be another color as well.