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Scooter or Power Chair Problems

Having Trouble With Your Mobility Equipment? Read Our Handy Guide

We understand that your mobility equipment is an everyday necessity. We have factory trained service professionals that can provide service and repairs for your power chair or scooter at our authorized repair shop. We also perform in-home service calls in the event that you are unable to transport your scooter or power chair to our store.

Many issues we see on a day-to-day basis are quickly and easily solved. We have put together an assistance guide which may save you time and money.

If you are not located in our service area (southern/central New Jersey) please call the equipment manufacturer to assist you with finding an authorized dealer close by. We do not provide technical support over the phone if the mobility equipment was not purchased directly from us.

Mobility Equipment Will Not Move

Have you recently  disengaged the freewheel lever to push/move your scooter or power chair out of the way, make sure that you re-engage the levers prior to use of the equipment.

Please refer your your owners manual to to find the location of the freewheel lever(s) on your specific mobility equipment. Below is a picture with freewheel lever locations for some of out more common equipment.

Freewheel Levers Mobility123

Engage the freewheel lever – allows you to operate the mobility equipment with the standard controls.

Disengage the freewheel lever – This unlocks the unit and allows the wheels to spin freely. You can easy push the equipment without power. This is especially helpful if you run out of battery power and need assistance.

WARNING! Do not use the mobility equipment while the drive motors are disengaged! Do not disengage the drive motors when the mobility equipment is on an incline or decline, as the unit could roll on its own. Only engage the freewheel mode when on a level surface.

WARNING! It is important to remember that when your mobility equipment is in freewheel mode, the braking system is disengaged.

Locking & Unlocking Power Chair Controllers

VSI, VR2, and GC

Power Chair Controllers Help

Lock Your Controller

  1. Turn equipment ON, press and hold the on/off button for about a second, until you hear a chirp.
  2. Push the joystick forward and hold for about 2 seconds until you hear a chirp.
  3. Push the joystick backward and hold for about 2 seconds until you hear a chirp.
  4. Release the joystick and you should hear a long beep tone, signaling that the equipment has been successfully locked.

Unlock Your Controller

  1. Turn mobility equipment ON
  2. Push the joystick forward and hold for about 2 seconds until you hear a chirp.
  3. Push the joystick backward and hold for about 2 seconds until you hear a chirp.
  4. Release the joystick and you should hear a long beep tone, signaling that the equipment has been successfully unlocked.

Dynamic & Flight Power Chair Controllers


Dynamic PWC controllers are commonly found on Invacare power chairs and Pride Jazzy 614HD. Please note: the flight controllers found Invacare’s Sure-Step models do not have the lock-out feature.

Lock The Controller

Hold the On/Off button down for about 4-seconds to lock the controller. The lights will flash briefly and you will hear a beep sound.

Unlock The Controller

Lock Mode is indicated by all LEDs flashing briefly and the information gauge LEDs moving slowly from right to left. Press the horn button 2 times within 10 seconds to unlock the controller.

Equipment Is Moving Slower Than Usual

First check your speed dial or power buttons to ensure they are at your desired speed settings.

Are your batteries fully charged? See section – Batteries – for more information.

Be sure the the connections to the batteries have not come lose.

Try turning the mobility equipment off for an hour and then turning it back on. This is know as a Thermal Roll-Back. It is a safety feature built in to the equipment which helps prevent it from burning out the motors due to overheating under strenuous usage.

Hearing Noise Coming From Motors

Clicking Noise

There is a normal clicking noise from the wheels when stopping and starting. This is the brakes engaging and disengaging when stopping and starting.

Check for debris under the unit or around the wheels.

If the clicking noise continues while moving and it is a new unit and/or new motor, allow one month break in period to pass.

Going In Circles or Veering In One Direction

The controls are sensitive and therefore require the joystick to be pushed straight for the unit to move forward. This is also true for reversing. Think of the joystick like a clock: 12 is forward, 6 is reverse, 3 is right, and 9 is left.  Please be sure that you are applying pressure directly and evenly when operating your PWC.

These issues may also be caused by one of the freewheel levers being disengaged. Re-engaging the freewheel levers may resolve the issue.

Equipment Will Not Power On

Have you replaced the batteries yourself recently? Please ensure that the batteries have been properly installed by checking the wiring. Refer to the battery wiring diagram which should be located on the power base or double check your owner’s manual.

  1. Be sure to tighten the battery terminals securely. Be extremely careful when doing so.
  2. Check all connections and make sure they securely attached to the equipment.
  3. Check all fuses and circuit breakers.

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