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Savaria Roby | Powered Stair Climber

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Savaria Stair Climber

The Roby powered stair climber allows an operator to move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairs using a motorized traction control system. The Roby is well-suited as an emergency evacuation system for buildings such as schools, banquet halls and other public buildings.

Battery powered and portable, the Roby can be used when there is no elevator or lift, or when an elevator or lift cannot be used. After securely fastening the wheelchair to the Roby with its easy-clip system, the operator guides the Roby up or down the stairs. The tracking system grips the stairs to ensure a solid contact and moves along each stair with smooth and quiet operation. The passenger remains in a natural upright position. The Roby can be used on stairs up to a 35 degree angle and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Secures to most standard adult or pediatric manual wheelchairs


Roby Stair Climber Features & Benefits

  • Flexible attachment system: Secures to most standard adult or pediatric manual wheelchairs.
  • Electronic traction control: Powers the system up or down with high friction track to ensure contact with the floor over each stair. Can be used on turn-back stairs with a flat intermediate landing.
  • Battery powered: Can ascend 23 floors on one charge, cordless system with charge indicator.
  • Other standard features: Two-piece design disassembles for easy transport, slope indicator, battery charge indicator.
  • Safety features: Manual emergency device permits safe descent in case of a dead battery, keyed operation restricts use to authorized operators, user safety belt, emergency stop button.

Technical Information:

  • Applications: Commercial, residential, indoors, outdoors.
  • Standard Capacity: 285 lb (130 kg)
  • Nominal Speed: 16 ft/min (.08 m/s) ascending/descending, loaded or unloaded
  • Power Supply: Battery powered, 115 VAC charging
  • Incline: The unit can be used on stairs that feature a maximum of 35 degrees incline
  • System Weight: 102 lb (46 kg)

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