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UP Stairlift

UP Stairlift
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Revolutionary Design


Thanks to the modular rail and our patented curved rail design, it is
possible to perform quick installations and adjustments. The entire UP
Stairlift can be installed within just 4 hours and importantly with no
additional or custom factory parts.


UP Stairlift goes above industry standard features and offers the intercom, the automatic turning (swivel), and automatic footrest folding as standard. With UP Stairlift you also get a stylish chair, designed by Richmond.


UP Stairlift gives you peace of mind and security, as each stairlift will
report operation and any maintenance statuses via the integrated WiFi
connection. This also allows most difficulties to be solved remotely, by
Mobility123. In addition, a technician is able to use this
information to prepare and plan their maintenance routes.


Thanks to the modular rail design the UP Stairlift is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. With the placement on a curved stair, it is both possible to position the stairlift on the inside or outside inside your home.


Your UP Stairlift can be easily relocated. Not only is the chair itself
reusable, but also the modular rail design. All rail parts can easily be
converted into a new shape and if necessary, be combined with new rail for a different staircase.



Motor output speed

0.5 feet per second

Method of drive

Rack and pinion

Power input

24V DC (battery)

Max weight

125kg / 275lbs


Modular rail, extruded aluminum, casted aluminum



Hinge Rail

To minimize an obstruction with your hallway or a door, UP Stairlift offers an optional hinge rail. The hinge rail will fold automatically after use.

Parking Curve

90 Degree To maximize space, the modular rail parts allow a 90 degree parking curve, for your UP Stairlift to park just around a corner.

Parking Curve

180 Degree To maximize space, the modular rail parts allow a 180 degree parking curve, for your UP Stairlift to park just around a corner.

Color Selection

Brown, Cognac, Sand, Anthracite

UP Remote App

UP Stairlift can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, by downloading the secure UP Stairlift App you can move safely between floors on your device.


UP Stairlift includes our built-in intercom, making it possible to reach us when you need us.

Foldable Armrests

UP Stairlift include foldable armrests, offering greater comfort, and providing easier access into the seated position, at either landing.

Automatic Swivel

UP Stairlift is equipped with an automatic swivel function, making it safer and much easier to get on and off the seat, at either landing.

Automatic Footrest

UP Stairlift is equipped with an automatic folding footrest, folding out with the automatic swivel, making it safer and easier to access the chair and maximizing the stair space when not in use.



UP Stairlift Rail

Today's products need to be future proof. Sustainable manufacturing and reusable products are of great importance, and UP's unique rail design supports both criteria. UP's rail system consists of only 2 parts. These parts are fully reusable and can be converted to match any shape. Furthermore, the rail is made from aluminum produced with machines running on renewable energy. Should you ever wish to remove or relocate your UP Stairlift after years of reliable service, it will remain 100% recyclable and reusable.

Made with Recycled Material

UP Stairlift values sustainability, which is why the stairlifts utilize strong aluminum rail. Aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and sustainable material. The characteristics of aluminum ensures the rail will last for generations and is reusable.

The aluminum used to manufacture UP's rail is produced by one of the most energy efficient aluminum extruder in the world. They are located in Norway and produce the aluminum extrusion with 70% hydro energy. UP's rail manufacturer mainly uses recycled aluminum, with recycling they use only 5% of the energy that would be used to make new aluminum rail. In addition, the recycling of aluminum saves around 80 million tons of greenhouse gases. This corresponds to 15 million cars on the road. UP Stairlift also, utilize efficient packaging transport, minimizing costs for you.

No use of Heavy Chemicals

Another environmental benefit of using aluminum is the fact that it does not corrode. Industry standard commonly powder coat rail to slow down the corroding process. As the UP Stairlift rail uses aluminum, a harmful process for our ecosystem is avoided.

Up Stairlift Brochure

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