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Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts
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The Bruno Chariot [ASL-700] is a groundbreaking product that lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair outside your small, mid-sized, or large car at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility scooter or power wheelchair on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Chariot do the lifting for you. Self-tensioning retractable belts are included for securement (one hand operation).




  • Swivel Wheels – the lift follows precisely, even when driving the vehicle in reverse
  • Independent Suspension
  • No jackknifing
  • Fully Powered – Makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair outside your car virtually effortless – one button operation
  • 350 lb lifting capacity!
  • Safe/Reliable – 3rd party tested: Extreme rough road conditions, laboratory testing, and environmental operating extremes
  • Drive on/off either side of platform – no reversing necessary
  • Platform folds easily using one hand
  • Retractable belts are included for securement
  • Access rear vehicle hatch simply by lowering lift a bit
  • Standard lighted license plate holder and light package, including running and brake lights, turn signals
  • Manual backup system
  • Optional corner markers
  • Optional spare tire
  • Can be powered by the vehicle’s battery or the optional Bruno Pow’rPac (a self-contained power supply that is charged through the vehicle’s power port). Allows unit operation even if vehicle battery is inoperable.
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle – mounts to your vehicle’s class I or class II frame mount receiver hitch (not included)
  • Can reinstall on your next vehicle
  • Plugs into vehicle’s Flat-4 wiring connector
  • Works with small, mid-size, or large cars (Confirm Compatibility | 609-248-9272)
  • Sales, installation and service provided by our factory-trained installers
  • Up to $1200 is available to help pay for a Chariot lift through Mobility Reimbursement Programs


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