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Considering Renting A Stair Lift? Mobility123 Can Help!

Many people simply cannot afford to purchase a brand new stair lift and some people might feel that buying a new one would be a waste of money as they only plan to use it temporarily. Maybe they have a disabled guest who is visiting their home, or perhaps a family member may have fractured their leg. These situations are temporary and a stair lift might not be useful after the temporary situation has passed. This is where renting a stair lift may the appropriate solution. Renting a stair lift is significantly less expensive than purchasing a brand new unit, and it will serve as a great temporary asset in your home. Mobility123 offers two stair lift rental programs. We can help you decide which rental program works best for you and your situation. Both programs include the option to purchase the stair lift at the end of the rental period (rent to own). The purchase price will depend on a number of factors such as age & condition of the stair lift, and duration of lift rental.

Rent To Own. Need Your Stair Lift Longer Than Expected?

Apply 100% of ALL Rental Fees Towards The Purchase Price!

Stair Lift Rental Program

  1. Stair Lift System
  2. Stair Lift Installation
  3. Stair Lift Removal
  4. 2-Month Initial Rental Period — Month-To-Month Thereafter
  5. In-Home Service

Stair Lift Rental Requirements

  • Straight Staircase
  • Indoor and Outdoor Stair Lifts Available
  • Residential or Commercial Stair Lift Applications Available

Additional Stairlift Rental Information

  • Outdoor stair lift rentals are based on availability. Call Us @ 856-528-9366 for info & pricing.
  • Curved Rail Stair Lift rentals are not available. Since all curved rail stair lifts are custom made to fit a specific application, a cost effective rental is not possible at this time.
  • If you are considering renting two or more stair lifts, discounted pricing is available.

Stair Lift Rental Program Pricing is for New Jersey & Philadelphia

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We offer several stairlift models with various options to fit any budget. Financing options are available to qualified buyers.

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Mobility123 Stairlift Services

We offer repair services and maintenance plans. We'll take care of the details, you take care of what matters most.

Phone & Email Support

We offer stair lift troubleshooting services via phone and email to save you time and $$$.

Quick Estimating

Email or text us pictures of your staircase. We will send an accurate stairlift quote via email within 90 minutes.

Maintenance Plans

We will make sure your stairlift is operating properly and safely. Annual and bi-annual plans available.

Quick Response Time

In most cases, we will have a stairlift technician on-site the same day you realize you need service.

True Lifetime Warranty

Ask about our Lifetime Stairlift Warranty. We offer full coverage on ALL parts and ALL labor for the life of the unit. An industry best!

Slimline Stairlfits

Fits quickly and easily to the stairs and requires no structural changes to your home. Folds away conveniently when not in use

Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do stair lifts cost?


Prices vary depending on the configuration of your staircase, the stairlift model that best meets your needs and any selected custom options. Because each home is different and each customer's needs are unique, Mobility123 provides free home consultations to learn about your situation, take measurements and recommend the best possible stairlift solution.

What is the weight capacity?


Mobility123 standard stairlifts have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. We also offer an HD stairlift with a 400 lb weight capacity.

My situation is temporary. Can I rent a stair lift?


Yes. Stairlift rentals are in-stock and always available. Keep in mind that rentals are for indoor straight staircases only. Curved stairlift and outdoor stairlift rental options are not available at this time.

Will my stair lift block the way when I try to walk up the stairs?


Stairlifts take up roughly 13" of the staircase when installed properly. This is when not in use and in the folded position.

Does Medicare or health insurance cover the cost of a stair lift?


Stairlift purchases are not covered by health insurance in the US. However, we do offer financing options to assist with the purchase of a new stairlift.

Do I have to modify my home to have a Bruno Stair Lift installed?


Stairlifts are not permanent and require no structural modifications to your home to be installed. Mobility123 stairlifts are simply installed on the top of your stair treads and can be removed with few signs that a unit was ever installed.

How long does it take to have a stair lift installed?


Straight stairlifts can typically be installed within two hours. Custom curved stairlifts may take longer depending on the application and length of the run. Mobility123 will be able to provide you with an accurate timeframe for the installation of your new stairlift.

How are stair lifts powered?


Stairlifts are DC powered. Stairlifts typically draw from DC power in standard operation. The stairlift will be fully functional through battery power in case of an outage. Bruno stairlifts feature a continuous charging rail.

Do Bruno stair lifts have a warranty?


Bruno straight stairlifts feature a limited lifetime warranty on the motor, gearbox, and rail. Bruno’s outdoor and curved stairlifts feature a comprehensive 5-year limited warranty. Ask us about our lifetime (labor included) warranty on Elan SRE-3050 indoor units.

Ask about our lifetime Warranty. ALL Parts & Labor are covered for life!

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What Our Customers Say

Thousands of customers are glad they chose Mobility123 for stairlifts and accessibility.

"Wonderful company! Very quick to respond. Installed our stairlift for my father. The technician did an excellent job. Very satisfied! Highly recommend."
Jodi L.
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
"GREAT LOCAL company. They were professional, pleasant, and most importantly, priced RIGHT. They installed quickly and took the time to answer questions as well as demonstrate the chair lift. I would HIGHLY recommend Mobility123."
Nichole S.
Marlton, NJ
"Excellent Service. Rep was knowledgeable! Stair Lift installed within two days. Felt very comfortable with the chair lift operation. Great Investment."
Arlene H.
Woodstown, NJ

Stairlifts Designed to Make Your Home Mobility Easier

Once again, you can enjoy your entire home, both upstairs and downstairs, with the help of Mobility123 Stairlifts. Not simply for individuals with limited abilities, a stairlift is a great solution for anyone who finds difficulty using the staircase.

If you live in New Jersey and/ or Philadelphia, or any of the surrounding areas in New Jersey or, Mobility123 can help!

Straight Stairlifts

A straightforward solution for straight staircases.

Curved Stairlifts

Designed from the ground-up for any curved staircase..

Outdoor Stairlifts

We offer stair lift solutions for staircases outdoors.

Indoor Stairlifts

We offer stair lift solutions for all staircases indoors.

Ask about our lifetime Warranty. ALL Parts & Labor are covered for life!

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