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Incline Platform Lifts

Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts For Your Stairs!

Incline Platform Stair Lift

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Incline Platform Stair Lift

Incline Platform Stair Lift

Incline Platform Stair Lift

Incline Platform Lift

IL500 Sierra Incline Platform Lift

Now available! The unique and innovative IL500 Sierra Incline Platform lift is an effective and space efficient solution to overcoming the obstacles stairs can create in a home. With the Sierra you and your wheelchair can ascend your staircase so you can again enjoy your entire home. For even greater accessibility the Sierra can be installed and used outdoors!

More than ever before, customers are demanding innovative solutions to enable them to stay in their homes as long as possible. Harmar’s full range of solutions fit practically any situation and budget.

The innovative Sierra IL500 is the ideal example for superior quality, efficiency and ease of use. Choose it wherever a stairway lift doesn’t fit a user’s accessibility needs or a vertical platform lift isn’t appropriate for residential use.

Designed to carry a wide range of wheelchairs and scooters, the IL500 provides a 500-lb capacity with an integrated seat option. It is light enough to be installed by one person and mounts so that the main carry load is supported by step brackets. It does not require wall modifications, saving significant time and installation costs.[/jbox]


  • For use in residential applications.
  • Outdoor package available.
  • Mounts to the stairs not the wall!
  • Only 12″ from the wall when folded.
  • Innovative design is based on the proven SL600 Pinnacle Stair Lift drive system and utilizes the same track.
  • Auto-folding ramps on both ends of the platform.
  • Wall mounted guide rail doubles as a convenient hand rail.


  • Rated: Load500lbs
  • Drive: Rack and worm gear/24VDC 1/8 hp motor w/ brake
  • Control Circuit: 24VDC
  • Platform: 25″ x 36″, Manual Fold, Auto folding ramps for entry and exit
  • Travel: 40 feet maximum
  • Speed: 14 feet per minute
  • Controls: Constant pressure rocker switch on platform. Radio frequency wireless key fobs
  • Manual Lowering: Device provided
  • Safety Features: Overspeed Governor, Upper and lower landing limits, ramp obstruction sensors, under platform safety pan, drive chassis obstruction sensors, non-skid surface
  • Warranty: 2-Year (Indoor) / 1-Year (Outdoor)