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Custom Safety Gates

Stop Worrying About Your Loved Ones Falling Down The Stairs

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Our Gates Keep You Safe & Secure

You can’t prevent every tumble, but you can reduce the risk of dangerous falls and keep those you care for safe by installing a Gatekeepers baby gate or pet gate in your home or business. Whether you have small children, pets, aging adults or individuals with special needs, Gatekeepers provides peace of mind by offering strong, reliable safety gates customized to fit and match your decor. Gatekeepers safety gates are also removable, so you can easily take them out when they’re not needed.

Top 3 Reasons to Select a Gatekeepers Safety Gate

+ASTM Performance Tested- safe for both top and bottom of stairs
+Custom crafted to enhance the décor with matching wood and stain/paint colors
+Innovative slide rail system allows for easy removal
+Gatekeepers Safety Gates are Functional and Attractive
+Whether you choose the popular swing gate with its innovative slide rail system, the Cat Gate, Deck Gate or any of our other safety gate options, each one is solidly constructed and aesthetically pleasing. View the wide selection of Gatekeepers safety gates (link to gallery page and links above to each swing, cat and deck).

  • Swing Gate
  • Cat Gate
  • Saloon Gate System
  • Deck Gate
  • Folding Room Divider
  • Fire Place Barrier
  • Free Standing Room Divider
  • Pet Gate with Plexiglass
  • Dual Gate System

Gatekeepers gates are offered in maple, oak or cherry wood and unlimited Sherwin Williams stain or paint color options. What’s more, they’re equipped with sturdy latches and hardware, yet minimally invasive to your woodwork and walls.

Our popular Gatekeepers Swing Gate has successfully passed the ASTM F1004 Performance Test for gates and enclosures. It is the perfect baby gate for the top and bottom of stairs, which are the most common placements of baby gates.

Let Mobility123 provide your solution to safety. Gatekeepers products protect your loved ones with custom made baby gates, pet gates and specialty gates.

Contact us if you’re interested in making a purchase or learning more about our safety gates. If we have a company representative in your area, we’d be happy to schedule a free in-home consult to review your set up and measure for your safety gate. If you’re outside of our area, we will contact you by phone, answer all of your questions, and walk you through the order process.

Let Mobility123 provide your solution to safety.