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Savaria Telecab Homelift

A Reliable Solution for Enhanced Home Accessibility: The Savaria Telecab Homelift

Discover a world of convenience, independence, and accessibility with the Savaria Telecab Homelift, expertly installed and serviced by Mobility123, a preferred partner for Savaria in New Jersey. Our dedicated team of licensed elevator mechanics and construction professionals work tirelessly to ensure that your homelift is installed to code compliance, providing a seamless and turn-key experience that ensures your satisfaction from start to finish.

In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the features and benefits of the Savaria Telecab Homelift, a state-of-the-art thru-floor elevator designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges.

Features of the Savaria Telecab Homelift:

The Savaria Telecab is a versatile and innovative solution for residential accessibility. Designed as a shaftless elevator, it requires minimal construction and can be installed in both new and existing homes with ease. Key features of the Savaria Telecab Homelift include:

Thru-Floor Design: The Telecab’s unique thru-floor design allows for seamless travel between two levels of your home without the need for an extensive hoistway. This efficient design saves valuable space and minimizes the impact on your home’s interior.

Shaftless Design: Unlike traditional elevators, the Telecab requires no shaft or pit, significantly reducing the construction time and costs associated with installation. This space-saving design also makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to preserve the aesthetic of their homes.

Safety Features: The Savaria Telecab prioritizes safety with features such as a telephone for emergency communication, an integrated safety brake system, and a pressure-sensitive safety edge that stops the lift if an obstruction is detected.

Customization Options: With a variety of finishes and colors available, the Telecab can be tailored to suit your individual style and seamlessly blend with your home’s décor.

Environmentally Friendly: The Savaria Telecab operates on a standard household electrical supply, making it an energy-efficient choice for homeowners. Its low-maintenance design also means reduced energy consumption over time.

Benefits of the Savaria Telecab Homelift:

The Telecab Homelift offers numerous advantages for homeowners and individuals with mobility challenges. Some key benefits include:

Increased Independence: The Savaria Telecab allows users to navigate their homes with ease, granting them the freedom to access all areas of their residence without assistance.

Enhanced Safety: The Telecab’s advanced safety features ensure that users can travel between floors securely and confidently, reducing the risk of falls or accidents.

Home Value: The addition of a Telecab Homelift can increase the overall value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers and enhancing its marketability.

Cost-effective Solution: The shaftless design of the Telecab significantly reduces installation costs compared to traditional elevators, offering an affordable and efficient option for improved accessibility.

Customizable Aesthetics: With a range of finishes and colors to choose from, the Telecab can be customized to match your home’s interior design, ensuring a cohesive and elegant appearance.

Why Choose Mobility123 for Your Savaria Telecab Homelift:

At Mobility123, our goal is to provide exceptional service and expertise for all your accessibility needs. Our commitment to excellence includes:

Licensed Elevator Mechanics: Our team of skilled elevator mechanics ensures that your Telecab Homelift is installed to code compliance, guaranteeing a safe and reliable solution for your home.

Turn-Key Project Management: Our in-house construction team allows us to manage your project from start to finish, streamlining the process and ensuring the highest level of quality.

Preferred Savaria Partner: As a preferred partner in New Jersey, Mobility123 has the experience, knowledge, and resources to provide the best possible installation and service for your Telecab Homelift.

Comprehensive Support: From consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional support throughout the entire process, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Industry Expertise: With years of experience in the accessibility industry, Mobility123 has the knowledge and expertise to recommend and install the best solution for your unique needs and requirements.

Savaria Telecab Conclusion:

The Savaria Telecab Homelift, expertly installed and serviced by Mobility123, offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking to enhance accessibility and independence in their homes. With its unique thru-floor and shaftless design, advanced safety features, and customizable aesthetics, the Telecab is the ideal choice for those looking to improve their quality of life without compromising on style or functionality.

Choose Mobility123 for your Savaria Telecab Homelift and experience the difference that professional installation, turn-key project management, and exceptional customer service can make in your journey towards a more accessible and comfortable home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how the Savaria Telecab Homelift can transform your living space.

Savaria Telecab Frequently Asked Questions

The Savaria Telecab is designed to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for most users. The Telecab-17 can accommodate up to 845 lbs.

The Telecab Homelift is specifically designed for two-level homes, providing seamless travel between the two floors.

The Telecab is available in two sizes: the Telecab17, which measures 30″ x 46″, and the Telecab, which measures 32″ x 53″. Both models have a height of 78″. Custom sizes are available.

Installation times may vary depending on the complexity of the project, but typically, a Telecab Homelift can be installed in just a few days due to its shaftless design and minimal construction requirements.

Yes, the Savaria Telecab is designed to accommodate many types of wheelchairs. However, it is essential to measure your wheelchair and compare it with the Telecab’s platform dimensions to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. For users with larger wheelchairs or requiring more accessibility features, other Savaria lift options may be more suitable.

The Savaria Telecab is designed for low-maintenance operation. Regular maintenance performed by a licensed professional, such as those at Mobility123, will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your homelift.

No, the Telecab Homelift does not require a separate machine room. The motor and other mechanical components are integrated into the unit, saving space and simplifying installation.

The Savaria Telecab is specifically designed for indoor use. For outdoor accessibility solutions, please consult with Mobility123 to discuss alternative options. Learn about our Savaria V-1504 for outdoor use.

The integrated safety brake system is an essential safety feature of the Savaria Telecab. In the event of a mechanical failure, the brake system will engage automatically, preventing the lift from moving until the issue is resolved.

The Savaria Telecab comes with a 36-month limited parts warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in the quality of your investment. For full warranty details, please consult with Mobility123 or refer to your user manual.

Savaria Telecab & Telecab-17 | Dimensions & Specifications

Savaria Telecab & Telecab-17 | Dimensions & Specifications
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