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Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift

Experience Unrivaled Comfort and Accessibility with the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift from Mobility123: A Comprehensive Overview

At Mobility123, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with innovative and reliable accessibility solutions, and the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift is no exception. This groundbreaking homelift combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional safety features, and a stylish design to offer unparalleled comfort and accessibility for multi-story homes. As the only preferred Stiltz ProPartner in New Jersey, Mobility123 employs licensed elevator mechanics and a dedicated construction team to ensure code compliance and seamless turn-key project management. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the features and benefits of the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift and demonstrate why it is the perfect choice for enhancing your home and lifestyle.

Stiltz Duo Alta Features & Benefits:

Innovative and Compact Design

The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift, installed by our expert team at Mobility123, features an innovative and compact design, making it an ideal solution for homes with limited space. Unlike traditional elevators, the Duo Alta does not require a separate machine room or shaft, allowing for a more streamlined installation process. Its self-supporting structure and unique dual rail system offer both stability and an attractive, modern aesthetic that can easily blend with any home’s interior.

Easy and Quick Installation by Mobility123

One of the key advantages of choosing Mobility123 for your Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift installation is our ease of installation and turn-key project management. Our team of licensed elevator mechanics and construction professionals ensure a seamless and code-compliant installation process. The homelift’s compact design and minimal structural requirements mean that it can be installed in a matter of days, causing minimal disruption to your home and daily routine. Additionally, the Duo Alta can be installed in various locations within your home, such as in a stairwell void, a closet, or even a corner of a room.

Whisper-Quiet and Smooth Operation

The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift, expertly installed by Mobility123, delivers a whisper-quiet and smooth ride, thanks to its innovative and efficient drive system. The homelift’s unique electric motor and counterweighted balancing system ensure a comfortable and seamless journey between floors, providing users with a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount for the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift, which is equipped with a range of safety features designed to protect users and provide peace of mind. These features include:

  • Safety sensors: The Duo Alta is fitted with sensors that will stop the homelift immediately if an obstruction is detected, ensuring the safety of users and their surroundings.
  • Emergency lowering system: In the event of a power outage or mechanical failure, the Duo Alta features a manual emergency lowering system, allowing users to safely descend to the lower floor.
  • Half-height door: The homelift’s half-height door w/ a  lightscreen prevents users from accidentally stepping out while the lift is in motion, providing an additional layer of safety.
  • Key lock: The Duo Alta is equipped with a key lock, ensuring that only authorized users can operate the homelift, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use.
  • Backup Battery System: The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift comes equipped with a backup battery system that ensures the lift remains operational in the down direction in the event of a power outage. This feature allows users to safely exit the lift.
  • Overload Detection: The Duo Alta features an overload detection system that prevents the lift from operating if it is carrying a weight exceeding its maximum capacity. This safety feature helps avoid potential damage to the lift or injury to the users.
  • Safety Pan & Lid: The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift is equipped with safety edges on the top and bottom of the unit. These safety features can detect any obstructions and immediately stop the lift’s movement to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Interlocking Door System: The Duo Alta has an interlocking door system that ensures the lift can only operate when the cabin door is securely closed. This feature prevents users from accidentally opening the door while the lift is in motion and enhances overall safety.

Enhanced Mobility and Convenience

The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift, installed by Mobility123, offers an unparalleled level of mobility and convenience for homeowners. By eliminating the need to navigate stairs, the Duo Alta allows individuals with limited mobility, as well as those seeking additional comfort, to access different levels of their home with ease. This increased mobility can significantly improve the quality of life and enable homeowners to fully enjoy their living spaces.

Increased Home Value

Installing a Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift can significantly increase the value of your property. Homebuyers are increasingly seeking homes with enhanced accessibility and convenience features, making a residential homelift an attractive selling point. In addition, the stylish design and innovative technology of the Duo Alta, installed by Mobility123’s experienced team, can further enhance your home’s appeal, leading to a higher return on investment.

Future-Proofing Your Home

As homeowners age or experience changes in mobility, the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift serves as a valuable investment in future-proofing your home. The Duo Alta provides an accessible and comfortable solution to navigating stairs, ensuring that your home remains a comfortable and functional living space regardless of your changing needs. By planning for the future, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home will continue to accommodate your lifestyle.

Turn-Key Project Management w/ Mobility123

When you choose Mobility123 (Stiltz of New Jersey) for your Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift installation, you benefit from our turn-key project management services. Our team of licensed elevator mechanics, construction professionals, and dedicated customer support staff work together to ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation process. From initial consultation and planning to installation and ongoing maintenance, Mobility123 is committed to providing exceptional service and support every step of the way.

Stiltz Duo Alta Details & Specifications:

The Stiltz Duo Alta has a weight capacity of up to 375 lbs (170 kg), making it suitable for most users and their belongings.

Yes, the Duo Alta is designed to be installed in both new construction and existing homes. Its compact design and minimal structural requirements make it a versatile and space-saving solution for any home.

The Duo Alta’s compact design allows for installation in a variety of spaces, with a footprint of just 13.3 sq. ft. (1.24 sq. m). Consult with Mobility123 to determine the best fit for your home.

The installation time for a Duo Alta homelift may vary depending on factors such as site conditions and local regulations. However, our experienced team at Mobility123 typically completes installations within 1-2 days.

The cost of a Duo Alta homelift depends on factors such as customization options, installation complexity, and local regulations. Contact Mobility123 for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

Regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure the safe and optimal operation of your Duo Alta homelift. Consult with Mobility123 for maintenance schedules and guidelines.

The Stiltz Duo Alta comes with a standard 24-month parts warranty and a 12-month labor warranty, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment. Extended warranty options are available.

Financing options are available. It is recommended to contact Mobility123 or a financial institution to discuss potential financing solutions.

Building codes and regulations may vary by location, so it is essential to consult with Mobility123 and your local authorities to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and requirements.

Contact Mobility123 for information on available customization options.


The Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift is an innovative and practical solution that offers homeowners unparalleled comfort, accessibility, and style. As the only preferred Stiltz ProPartner in New Jersey, Mobility123 provides expert installation, turn-key project management, and dedicated customer support to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Experience the benefits of the Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift and elevate your home and lifestyle with Mobility123 (Stiltz of New Jersey). Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about how our team can help transform your home.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

375 lbs

Standard Footprint

13.3 sq. ft.

Standard Interior Cab

30.7" x 20.5"

Lift Speed

30 feet per minute

Power Supply

220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

Drive System

Self-contained electric motor with counterweight


Illuminated buttons with emergency stop and alarm

Safety Features

Safety sensors, emergency lowering system, half-height door, key lock

Customization Options

ASME A17.7


Specifications and dimensions are for reference purposes only and may vary depending on your specific needs or local requirements. Consult with Mobility123 for accurate specifications tailored to your situation.

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